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Integrity IT Solutions, Inc. is a professional services firm.  We are vendor agnostic.  We have the experience and expertise to focus on practice areas.  We are experts in technology, while hardware and software products change, our commitment to you is to educate ourselves in our areas of expertise so we can span manufacturing providers and be able to support the latest technologies and versions.

We are a full-service provider from physical installations to managed and subscription-based services.

We provide:

IT Business Assessments


When businesses need to leverage technology to solve their application or service initiatives, Integrity can help identify the requirements and create a step by step plan to implement the initiative.  Our assessments include:

  • Interviews with the initiative owners
  • Review of available documentation
  • Gather additional information through discovery and automated tools
  • Analyze the information and identify
    • Strengths: what is going well and what we can leverage to support the initiative
    • Weaknesses: what we would need to add or fix before we move forward
    • Opportunities to improve: bridge any gaps in the infrastructure
    • Threats if no action is taken: areas of concern if we build initiative without remediation
  • Document key findings
  • Share recommendations and next steps action plan

Technology Audits


When clients have issues with a particular technology in their environment, Integrity can provide the expertise to identify the issue and remediate.  Our audits are:

  • Technology specific
  • Focused on remediating the symptoms
  • Able to identify the underlying issue and recommend long term fixes

Architectural Design and Planning


We provide full service architectural design and planning.  Our methodology includes:

  • Documenting customer requirements
  • Identified technologies to meet the requirements
  • Bill of materials with part numbers
  • Level of effort to implement
  • MS Visio drawings for physical layout
  • MS Visio drawings for logical layout

For enterprise networks

  • High level design
  • Low level design
  • Port mappings
  • Implementation templates

Physical Installations


Our data center technicians will follow the physical diagrams provided by the architects and engineers for physical installation.  Whether devices go to in house data centers or colocations, Integrity can work with the local staff to complete the physical work. We do:

  • Rack, stack, power, and ping
  • Device labeling
  • Asset tags
  • Cable management
  • Cable locks
  • Connect ground
  • Rack diagrams

Multidiscipline Integration


We provide a six-step implementation methodology for multidiscipline solutions.

  • Configuration Planning
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Documentation



We do device and node upgrades for traditional, converged and hyperconverged solutions. We do upgrades for storage and network systems as well.

  • Firmware
  • Physical shelves
  • Controllers
  • SFP
  • Host bus adapters



We provide high level and low level design documentation for network and infrastructure projects.  The implementation plans, and as built documentation are provided for solution integration projects.  We provide onsite and remote engineering engagement reports.   You can expect

  • MS Visio drawings for logical diagrams and rack elevations
  • Ekahau Wi-Fi design and planning with heat maps
  • MS Project plans
  • Online document repository for shared knowledge
  • Project websites for large scale multidiscipline projects

Cloud Enablement


We conduct an initial cloud assessment to ensure that client workloads are good candidates to house in the cloud and we make recommendations on how best to maintain hybrid environments with the proper authorization to the platforms.

We help our clients with moving workloads to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • We build pilot programs to ensure clients get the expected results from moving workloads to the cloud
  • We create the virtual environment in the cloud, create connectors to the applications and push data to the Cloud
  • We document and provide run-book deployment manuals to ensure clients know how to manage their environments

Data Center and Equipment Moves


We provide program and project management for data center and equipment moves.  Integrity proactively considers the packaging and transportation for the planned move.  We provide protective coverings and professional packaging to ensure equipment is moved in a safe and secure way.  We can provide

  • Turnkey program and project management from inception to completion at new location
  • Shipments of empty server boxes to prepare for remote sites to return equipment to corporate
  • Cross country moves from the West to the East Coast
  • International moves from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada
  • Single server moves
  • Full rack moves with padded rack crates for shipment
  • Individual solution moves
  • Dedicated project trucks for the duration of your project
  • Cargo insurance to cover periods of time
  • 1U to 8U pallet boxes
  • OEM packaging when available

Monitoring and Reporting


As part of our monthly and subscription-based services, we provide our clients with options to monitor their equipment and provide asset tagging and reporting of their inventories.  We also provide online monitoring of equipment using enterprise class tools to ensure devices are up and running.

Clients can designate portions of their environment that they want monitored with active systems administration. Integrity will assign a lead technician to produce the monthly score card to provide clients with the feedback and information they need to make informed decisions. Integrity can provide phone and remote support for systems that require hands on management. 

There are two types of reports Integrity will provide, the first is up/down time reports and the second is client engagement reports, work completed by the engineering team to keep your systems up and running.

Integrity will provide:

  • Ping up/down services
  • Application monitoring and reporting
  • Network monitoring and reporting
  • Storage monitoring and reporting

Managed and Subscription Based IT


Integrity will provide staff augmentation for your local IT needs.  You can hire a full-time Integrity technician to be your resident subject matter expert.  We can provide you with a monthly contract to provide on demand IT Services.  Integrity will own your vendor support tickets, open and close cases and recommend action plans to serve your IT needs.

We provide

  • People as a service – dedicated engineers to be onsite with you from 1 day to 3 years
  • On Demand services – unplanned/911 support for ad hoc support to quickly resolve your issues
  • Storage services to protect your inventory – locked down areas to house your equipment for a set period of time
  • Dedicated technicians assigned to your project or account
  • Monthly engagement reports to track burn down hours and incident reviews
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